Don’t Miss New Belgian Musician Yves Paquet

04.04.2019 - Editorial

Yves Paquet is the new up-and-coming East-Belgian musician who just signed with Universal Music. In recent months, record bosses became aware of Yves Paquet because he has repeatedly appeared as a guest singer to bands. Especially his collaboration with The Subs and their song "UFO" - which is still a hit in Flanders - attracted a lot of attention to his talent.

Don’t Miss New Belgian Musician Yves Paquet

After several weeks of negotiations, Yves Paquet and Universal Music decided to work together. He is therefore an official colleague to Stromae, Lady Gaga and many more. In January 2019, his first single « Talk About the Weather » appeared under his own name. His first album is set to be released this year.

Don’t Miss New Belgian Musician Yves Paquet

Not only has Yves already won the European singing competition in Rust and written songs for releases at Armada Music and Sony Music but also starred in songs of djs such as Alok, Vintage Culture, Aeroplane and Barely Alive.

This year Yves will be present at the Suikerrock Festival in Tienen.

Don’t Miss New Belgian Musician Yves Paquet

To find out more about Yves Paquet we contacted him for an interview.

1. What's your favorite song? 
For me, a favorite song stays with you for a period of time and has something special that you've never heard before. I had this moment the first time I listened to Alicia Key's Fallin, but also Adele's Rolling In The Deep a few years ago. The song that I most connect with at the moment would be Confirmation by Westerman.

2. Who’s in your advisory board? 
To whom do you listen? 
I like to hear different views, different angles on my music so I'm open to listen to the label, but also to my family or friends who are not necessarily in the music related field.

3. What does Belgium sound like? 

Music wise, Belgium really has all the colors in the rainbow, also language-wise. I like to think that the typical belgian song is a bit more edgy, a bit more out of the box and fearless.
4. Which artist should be banned from radio and all other media? 

I choose to believe that there are other people who are far better to make this kind of judgment.

5. If you had to compare your music to food what would it be?
Maybe a juicy burger. But the freshly prepared one, with fresh homegrown salad and that extra tasty sauce on it, something with more substance.

6. Who would you like to collaborate with?
In Belgium, I would like to do a country-pop crossover song with Milo Meskens. I have the feeling that our voices would harmonize so well together. All-time favorite would be Santana or an american hard rock band like Three Days Grace or Breaking Benjamin.

7. What’s the song list for your funeral? 

A piano piece by a classic russian composer, they got the melancholy down.

8. Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll?
I have a certain admiration for people who are able to get totally lost and wasted in a moment. As an introvert, I always tend to hold back a bit in social settings. But on stage, I'm getting better showing my feelings and be "free".

9. Which Belgian talent should we feature on Belgian Boutique next? Why?
I think there are so many amazing instrumental artists who play guitar or drummers. People that are very often the backbone of a live band performance. So I would enjoy reading about the inspiration and path of the "guitarist/drummer in the live band of …"

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