Gregory Berkowitsch: Confessions of an Art-Starved Dealer

17.10.2014 - Dries Tack

Gregory is a young art dealer specialising in Modern and “Classic” Contemporary artworks and who lives his job to the max. He has already opened galleries in Brussels, Knokke and Saint-Paul de Vence. Over the last year, Gregory has held several exhibitions in his Brussels gallery including the pictorialist work of Leonard Missone, an exhibition about Surrealism in Belgium and an evocation of the collaboration between Costantini and Picasso

What is the most challenging part of your work? The rise of the internet has deeply changed the art market for both buyers and sellers alike. The increased availability of information has created a great deal of false knowledge about art. Now everyone thinks they are art experts. The nature of buying and selling art and antiques requires advice, expertise and subjective decision-making. Transactions in art are based on discussion and contact with buyer and seller, especially when purchases are highly priced and infrequent. The hardest job today is to find good artworks. Everyone is looking for high quality artworks and when you find a work of quality, the client will even come to you and thank you for their purchase. With my numerous changes of location, I have hopefully built an international network, which makes the job easier today.

Leonard Misonne What would are the main drawbacks of being an art dealer? Working in this field can easily turn you into a common trader with budget and value for money as a main concern. It is the case today that 80% of so called “art advisers” really don’t care about art. I keep my passion alive thanks to, amongst other things, fervent collectors who share their knowledge and their enthusiasm. Do you have a private collection? I am a frustrated collector. I would love to keep most of the works I buy. They are not only a means of subsistence for me, I live among them and they often symbolise a period of my life. I like abstract art and surrealism for making me dream. My first art purchase was an abstract work by Roger Dudant. It has followed me ever since. I have also acquired other works from Belgian artists, such as René Magritte, Marcel Marien, Armand Simon and Pol Bury. But if I had to sell everything and live in a caravan I would definitely keep an Yves Tanguy painting.

Roger Dudant If you could brighten up your collection with museum artworks, what would you choose? The paintings of Gerhard Richter’s Wald cycle, a red Rothko and a Klein blue monochrome. These works would definitely create an exceptional environment of abstract paintings. You recently decided to close your gallery to focus on new projects. Could you tell us more? Being a gallerist is a full time job and it didn’t allow me to focus on wider projects. Art purchase will still be my main business but I would like to reach more people with editions of books and artworks. I would also like to curate international exhibitions for museums and foundations and to be an ambassador of Belgian Surrealism. Helena Heukeshoven for Belgian Boutique 2014

Armand Simon

Gufo 1962 Collaboration Picasso and Costantini



Yves Tanguy