Get to know Regout's sisters: Aude from Rue Blanche

18.08.2018 - Editorial
Sisters Aude (left) and Astrid (right)

It’s been over 30 years that designer clothing brand rue blanche has released their first collection. The seven models made of jersey were chic and rather unique for the time. To this day the brand is keeping up with the newest trends without losing its philosophy and DNA.

The women that are in charge of keeping the brand modern are the two daughters of the founder Marie Chantal Regout. Aude and Astrid combine their youth with the philosophy of the company to create fashionable and timeless designs.

Today we introduce one half of the brand - Aude.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration is everywhere, and mostly - on the streets! I like looking at places, people, and their interactions with the environment.

How big/small is your personal garderobe?

Bigger than you’d think upon seeing it. I tend to fill my hangers not with 1 but 3 pieces of clothing.

Where and what brands do you shop for yourself?

I like small international brands like Shaina Mote, Paola Vilas, Lisa Says Gah, Paloma Wool.

All alone at home, what do you wear?

A pair of oversized jeans and a t-shirt.

Do you think of fashion as an art or an industry?

Art. For me, art goes hand in hand with fashion. It’s not just about creating the perfect garment, it’s also the entire creative process coming right after that will make people love and buy the brand.

What fashion trend would you like to see coming back?

Hard to tell! It seems that old trends are coming back all at once! Maybe because we just don’t know what trend to follow anymore, there’s a mix of every style out there. Let me say one thing - beauty got so basic, that the only place for fashion to go is to go ugly.

If I had to choose one item I would go for the cigarette holder from the 20’s.

Who’s the Belgian fashion icon in your opinion? Why?

Audrey Hepburn. I looove her style! So right, timeless, and elegant!

What’s an unforgivable fashion mistake Belgian people make?

Not being daring enough! We all look the same...

Which Belgian talent should we feature on Belgian Boutique next? Why?

Caroline du Chastel. She makes beautiful handmade jewellery.

More info: Official page | Facebook | Instagram

Pictures from AW18 rue blanche collection © Mous Lamrabat




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