Meet Marie Van Gils, Belgian lingerie designer

17.12.2018 - Editorial

Marie Van Gils is a Belgian lingerie label.

In 2014, Marie creates her brand, taking root on strong principles too rarely brought up in the fashion world. She wants her work to focus on the body, the real one. Shapes and cuttings follow the latter, embracing its beauty without distorting it. An abandonment of commercial lingerie codes to care about what truly matters.

Interviewer : According to you, is fashion more of an art or a business ?

Marie Van Gils : The two are currently a whole. I believe fashion, although conceptual, technological or exclusive, must remain affordable one way or another.

I : Who do you think is the icon of Belgian fashion ?

MVG : I don’t like that term, variety and style are important parts of Belgian fashion.
I however think there are some designers not to be missed, notably the 6 of Antwerp. Some new designers are also making an impression, like Gioia Seghers and others.

I : What are some (Belgian) fashion faux pas ?

MVG : We aren’t giving young talents the means they need, be it in fashion, design, art or sports.

Wolf Collection Marie Van Gils Lingerie

I : What does your inspiration come from ?

MVG : Mostly travelling (Japan is a favourite), and always my clients, women wearing my lingerie.

I : How big is your wardrobe ?

MVG : It’s actually not that big. Some designer and second hand clothing, and a lot of lingerie (6 drawers and counting !).

I : What values do you put in your work and clothing ?

MVG : The most important ones are transparency and ecological, ethical (animal welfare, social responsibility) traceability.
A piece of clothing must be responsibly made, taking into account the environment and social progress, or be of second hand. Fast fashion produces meaningless clothes, with no values or respect.

I : Where do your fabrics come from ?

MVG : They are mostly produced in Belgium or come from deadstock. Some come from Europe (and no further), and all my collections are designed and produced in Belgium.

I : How important do you think innovation is ?

MVG : I believe it can change clothing for the better.
Lingerie has not seen any significant progress as other clothing pieces have. My goal is to introduce technologies like 3D printing to design new pieces that respect the woman and her body. For example, underwires in bras are painful and uncomfortable, and have been so for way too long. 3D printing can change that.

I : When is your next collection due  ?

MVG : I can’t say with much certainty, but Fusion Lingerie and 3D printing should come out in September.

I : Who do you think we should interview next ?

MVG : Gioia Seghers, Sergiu Lom (Esquisse Jewels) and Lunetier Ludovic.

Wolf Collection Marie Van Gils Lingerie

You can find Marie Van Gils online on her website

and on Instagram