Xavier Lust takes Brussels / Recent Projects

15.07.2019 - Editorial

Xavier Lust is an interior designer who opened his own Studio in Brussels. His work is clearly identifiable through the visible tension he gives to his objects, and the curves inspired by his innovative (de)formation process of metallic surfaces. He has received dozens of awards including the Compasso d'Oro and is a regularly invited guest lecturer at leading art and design institutions around the world.

The Xavier Lust design studio works in four areas of design: industrially produced furniture and accessories, limited editions and pieces for art galleries, interior architecture, industrial design and street furniture. Here are his recent projects in Brussels: 

© Serge Brison

Sculptural stairs at Galila's P.O.C. (Passion Obsession Collection)

Galila is an intuitive collector does not limit herself to a specific medium but is primarily drawn to photography, video, drawings, works on paper, and object-based art, building her collection around thematic categories such as eyes, books, chairs, or concepts like recycling, amongst others. To make her art accessible to the public, she purchased an historic 1950s-era industrial building in Brussels’ Forest district. In which a stair was designed by Xavier Lust and a mezzanine. 

Galila Passion Obsession Collection, 2019
Designer Xavier Lust (sculptural stairs and guardrails)
Commission Galila
Architect Corbisier & Associés
Location 295 Avenue Van Volxem, Forest Brussels (open soon)

© Serge Brison

Outdoor screen and furniture on roof terrace of Regent Park

Xavier Lust designed the outdoor screen and furniture on the roof terrace of Regent Park. The office building Régent 35 - Loi 13 was completed in June 2016. The interior garden is a natural spot in the heart of the office space, while the terrace offers panoramic views opening onto the Royal park and the city centre.

Designer Xavier Lust (lay-out, outdoor screen and furniture)
Source Table, BxB Chair, Picnik (Extremis), Flow Sofa (Indera), La Grande Table (MDF Italia) and Le Banc (MDF Italia)

Regent Park, 2018
Architect Archi 2000
Commission Cimmorégent
Location corner of Rue de la Loi and Boulevard du Régent, Brussels

© Xavier Lust

Xavier Lust's winning design for public transport shelters

Stib's Board of Directors selected the public transport shelter and advertising market, designed by Xavier Lust. The installation of these shelters - 2,200 in total, including 800 in the very short term - will cost a little more than 100 million euros.

Designer Xavier Lust (international design competition 2011)
Commission STIB
Location Brussels Region

© Xavier Lust