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15.08.2018 - Editorial

Founded in 2006 in Antwerp, design studio Pinkeye put their focus on creativity and collaboration. The creative director and co-founder of the company Ruud Belmans doesn’t believe in limiting oneself to a single field as for him inspiration has no boundaries. That is why Pinkeye creators collaborate on various projects from logo to interior designs.

Chez Claire

One of their more recent projects was to design an eclair boutique Chez Claire. The fancy eclairs were in need of a home in Ghent and Antwerp as well as an appealing branding. That's where Pinkeye got on board and created the elegant logo as well as the luxurious yet funky interior of the shops.

Gatsu Gatsu

Asian Wok restaurant in the centre of Brussels got its name Gatsu Gatsu with the help of Pinkeye designs. In Japanese it means gobbling your food, which is exactly what one does when one gets served a plate there.

The very narrow and deep premises with high ceilings that could have been seen as an issue were actually a blessing in disguise. The creative minds of the studio turned the property into an Asian alleyway that should represent the feeling you get when you purposely get lost in the Far East. The colours - samurai red and traditional Asiatic blue - reflects in the logo of the restaurant as well.

Hoeked Doughnuts 

When Pinkeye met artisanal baker Joris Hoeked Doughnuts shop was only a blueprint. They were the ones to convince the owner to make the decadent sweets square-shaped. After that, the design, inspired by the unusual shape, followed. Angular lines, candy-like colours, and a bike with square wheels in front - that’s Hoeked for you!

Brands like Pinkeye are what makes us proud to be Belgian. If you're one of them as well - let us know by shooting an email at

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