Interior designer's Élise Van Thuyne's book about her work is pure poetry

21.08.2018 - Editorial

The Invisible Mark is 15 years of passion and dedication to interior design all laid out on paper. The book about the work of the creator Élise Van Thuyne was released earlier this month. It is a treat to any lover of poetic aesthetics.

For Van Thuyne, the interiors she creates are places with a soul, atmospheres that have to aid and soothe the occupants. It is where proportions, angles, light, and circulation meet and that meeting point should be harmonious. That is why the designer pays attention to every detail of the space she’s creating. Starting from the neighbourhood and the style of the house to the materials and colours that compliment it all.

The publication offers an insight into Van Thuyne’s world. Alongside all the work she’s done in her impressive career, it also features images of her own home - where it all begins. In addition to that, it features a documentation of her 2017’s grand project - the renovation of an old carriage house from 1907. The place was turned into an office and a working studio for the artist duo Muller Van Severen.

Filip Dujardin, Tine Guns, Sarah Eechaut, Heidi Lerckenfeldt, and Hannes Vandenbroucke photographed the intimate interiors presented in the book.

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Pictures © Heidi Lerckenfeldt, Filip Dujardin, and Griet Stellamans