Meet the creators behind Amorce Studio's designs

23.05.2018 - Editorial

Amorce Studio was set up in 2015 by two creators from different backgrounds, Vincent Long and William Fournié. Their differences unite in their work in order to make furniture and public spaces that connect people. Their creations are modern and functional.

Sleek and straightforward with their designs, Long and Fournié were the same when answering our questions.

What’s the most useless thing you like the most?

The material samples that we get.

What product would you like to design?

A canoe. Or maybe a barbecue.

Which product do we know you from?

Probably our AMAR stool. It’s a folding felt stool that we have just presented at the Milan design week. We are proud of this one.

Who is your design hero?

Droog Design, Alvar Alto, and Precious Plastic.

The best design shop in Belgium, both on- and offline?

Les Petits Riens (The Little Things). It’s a second hand shop.

Which Belgian restaurant or bar offers the best design experience?

La Guinguette in Forest Park (Brussels)!

How do you picture yourself?

What’s the best-designed item you use every day?

Screw gun. We use it all the time.

Which Belgian talent should we feature on Belgian Boutique next? Why?

L'Atelier Peau de Basile in Brussels. It’s a workshop that rethinks leather goods!


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