Designing an elegant garden hose trolley? Alain Gilles just did

01.06.2018 - Editorial
What makes the Tasman different from all the other hose trolleys on the market?  Its tasteful and distinctive appearance. Who do we have to thank for that? Belgian Designer Alain Gilles.
Garden design company ZEE tasked Alain Gilles with making a hose system that could also be used as a decorative piece. The result - Tasman Hose Trolley. With its elegant frame, single color scheme, and highly functional and comfortable design, it is bound to be a noteworthy feature in your garden or yard, even when not in use.
This is not the first time the brand collaborates with the well-known designer. Another example of Gilles' sleek designs is ZEE's popular outdoor shower Levantine.
More info: Zee | Alain Gilles




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