Meet furniture designer Sebastien Caporusso

02.05.2018 - Editorial

Sleek design and noble materials are characteristic to Sebastien Caporusso’s work. With his lamps, chairs, and tables the designer aims to create simple yet poetic atmospheres.His work is all about marrying the opposition. Organic forms and unusual cuts, unique objects and their effortlessness, all flow together in his creations.Caporusso thinks locally too. The stones, brass, marbles, and other collected minerals that he uses all come from the finest Belgian craftsmen.

Intrigued by what he does (and what we got to see at the Collectible fair), we talked to Caporusso, hoping to get an insight into his world. 

Meet furniture designer Sebastien Caporusso - Belgian Boutique

Which product do we know you from? What's your best seller?

Terrazzo tables with brass feet that I've been producing for a year. That are called Lagune. They come in blue, rose, and green colors.

What’s the most useless thing you like the most?

My old brass candlesticks and my Belgian artists’ drawing collection.

Which Belgian bar or restaurant offers the best design experience?

No doubt it’s La Taverne du Passage in the centre of Brussels. The Art Deco atmosphere, white tablecloths... Also good service and great food. They specialise in Belgian and French dishes. 

Meet furniture designer Sebastien Caporusso - Belgian Boutique

Who is your design hero?

Ettore Sottsass. He used to work in ceramics, architecture, design, and painting. His work is like some unique poetry that evokes dreams and offers an escape.

Best design shop in Belgium, both on- and offline?

La Botika in Ixelles, maintained by Lao. He has a small and nice selection and he always has the best advice.

What’s the best designed item you use everyday?

Rio stool that I’ve designed myself. It's a mix between a simple chair and a low stool with a leather cushion on it. It has some traditional Japanese construction details.
Also, my blue Palm Rug. It just invites to sit or lie down. The subtle height contrast of the weave creates a pattern that was inspired by a photo I took in Los Angeles a dozen years ago. 

Meet furniture designer Sebastien Caporusso - Belgian Boutique
Meet furniture designer Sebastien Caporusso - Belgian Boutique

Which Belgian talents should we interview next?

There are so many! We have a bunch of great artist people should know about. First names that come to mind are Benoit Plateus, Sebastien Bonin, and Pica Pica. 

Meet furniture designer Sebastien Caporusso - Belgian Boutique

Portrait © Pablo Cepeda




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