David Delruelle’s inception

12.12.2014 - Dries Tack

David Delruelle is a young Brussels-based collage artist who currently invites us to take The Bridge that leads to a land with no borders; a journey in four-dimensional space-time where puzzles come to take on an important meaning.

I feel a real dramatic atmosphere in your collages. What are your cinematographic references? Movies have a major influence on me. I love Todd Solondz’s work for instance. The very dark humour and the pathetic yet endearing characters he develops in his films are very unique. This year I was amazed by Johnathan Glazer's « Under the Skin » which I think was a real masterpiece. The photography, the music, the overall ambience of the movie were stunning, I had never seen such a movie like this before. I guess I like to be challenged when I watch a film, when it plays with your guts. That's also what I try to do with my art, whether the viewer likes it or not, I don't want to leave them unmoved. If you could choose to live another life, would that be in the United States during the Golden Sixties? That would be so nice for a lot of reasons, like discovering the birth of a whole new culture or for a certain kind of recklessness, but I'm very happy to live in the present time. We often think of the sixties as a happy era but of course it wasn't the case, not for everyone at least. My use of 60's imagery doesn't translate to a nostalgic vision of the past, I just like to play with its codes to talk about the present.

Impromptu the beat Do you place a great importance on coincidence? The practice of collage has beautiful moments of coincidence, happy accidents. When cutting an image and turning it to see the other side of the page for instance, you can find unexpected things. I find the randomness of it pretty poetic. One of the very first collages I did back in 2009 « Women » is the result of such a happy accident, I cut up the image of a woman on a page of a magazine and when turning it over on its other side I discovered another woman, it was kind of an « inception » moment. I then decided that the collage was done and just glued it to a white paper. These kinds of magic moments are one of the reasons I love collage so much.

Women Cities and architecture are also very present in your work. Is Brussels an inspiration for you? Brussels' architecture is a surrealist collage in itself. It's so all over the place and sometimes absurd. I love this city. I'm a city dweller for sure, so I guess it shows through my work but I'm not specifically drawn to architecture. How did the collaboration with the Rossi Contemporary Gallery come about? I met Francesco Rossi through a friend and showed him my work. After that he came to my studio and we talked about the idea of doing an exhibition in his gallery, That became my first solo show « The Bridge ». Helena Heukeshoven for Belgian Boutique 2014

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