The Entrepreneurs : Geoffroy Ghion and Henri Gernaey

01.12.2017 - Editorial board

Tired of being subject to charging cable and rechargeable portable battery, Geoffroy Ghion and Henri Gernaey decided to take advantage of the solar technology. Together they developed the smallest portable solar charger, no bigger than a credit card, the Sunslice. Coming in handy when we know how much we rely on some electronic devices!

The start-up launched a Kickstarter campaign in early November allowing everyone interested in the Sunslice to contribute to the project and pre-order the solar charger. 

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Were you born or did you become an entrepreneur?

We have always been looking for more than simply being attending classes students. Geoffroy plays a lot of music (classical music, he plays the piano since he's 5) and sports (tennis and hockey). He is a backpacker and he was a scout for more than 10 years, three as a scout leader in the Marolles, in Brussels. He loves literature and art. Henri lived in China for over 6 years and he loves learning languages (e.g. fluent Chinese Mandarin). He is a backpacker too. He is also extremely curious about technology and innovations in various areas, mainly in energy, as well as an autodidact in music and sports.
The real entrepreneurial part, the thinking of launching our own business, came in the 2nd year of our bachelor’s degree, after we had a course focussed on entrepreneurship. We immediately got a taste for it, the creation and the bringing to the market of innovative solutions to existing problems. The durable and green aspect of the product was also an important feature to be included in the solution. Today we bring Sunslice to the market. Other innovative and even more green solutions will follow in the near future !

What radical changes do you expect in your industry?

The solar industry evolves a lot. We need to stay up to date with the latest changes in order to continue innovating and stay on top of the technology. Changes will probably happen in the applications of the solar technology, in energy storage, the technology's efficiency and its use. Staying up to date with green technologies in general is also extremely important in order to pursue our mission to bring energy everywhere.

What's on your bucket list?

Develop a range of Sunslice products and other applications with the technology we're currently using (or the one that will evolve from it). Applying our technology/knowledge on existing non-solar products. And getting into the solar industry and become a supplier of solar cells/panels usable in many situations currently that aren't possible at the moment thanks to a technology we want to develop in the future.


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Who is / has been your mentor?

We've been mentored at the Yncubator of Louvain-la-Neuve by Vincent Werbrouck, former Chief Innovation Officer at Magotteaux, world-leading supplier of process optimization products & services for high-abrasion extracting industries.

What is a problem you face every day that nobody has fixed yet?

Being out of battery at any time.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Fresh Belgian beers

Which Belgian entrepreneur inspires you the most?

Eric Domb (Pairi Daiza)

What is your favourite website?

TechCrunch’s website.

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