The Entrepreneurs : Antoine Geerinckx

19.12.2017 - Editorial board

Driven by his passion for climate and environmental issues, Antoine Geerinckx founded CO2logic. The company offers tailored solutions to organisations willing to pioneer and join in the urgent transition towards a low impact economy.

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Were you born or did you become an entrepreneur?

I don’t believe anyone is born “entrepreneur”, at least I wasn’t born as one. People don’t grow up in a vacuum, we are all influenced products of our surroundings. Great painters from the “old masters” all started as apprentices of a master. First, they learned to paint like their masters and then later they developed their own identity, style and path. I believe it is the same for entrepreneurs. You become one by admiring them and eventually by working for or with them. Admiration for entrepreneurs creates some kind of conscious or unconscious mimetics which leads to entrepreneurial reflexes and behaviours. This combined with the hunger for freedom and a vision of something you want to do differently or want to change creates a drive for entrepreneurship. In my case, in 2004 I could not believe that there were no services to help people and companies reduce their CO2 emissions and climate impact.

What radical changes do you expect in your industry?

Climate action is mainly a behavioural choice. Whether you act on climate or not is your choice, but one thing is sure, there is a climate urgency and we will all pay the hidden price of climate disruption. Every ton of CO2 we emit into the atmosphere has a cost of 220$ for Society according to a Stanford study. When you realise that your 50€ return flight Brussels-Marrakesh emits 1 ton of CO2 per passenger then you know there is something wrong. The cost of the impacts is higher than the price we pay, and this is a fact in most industries. So someone or something is losing in the equation. The big losers are our planet, our climate and the first victims of climate change. There is no climate justice for the moment. As our population (mainly in developing countries) is growing like a high-speed train this cannot be maintained for much longer, we are already in the danger zone. So the radical change I expect is a fast climate/environmental action program from 2020 (initiated since the Paris Agreement) where the cost of things will become aligned with their true cost to Society/environment. So if something is cheap but has a high impact, then there are two possibilities, or one will have to seriously raise its price (and eventually go out of business) or will have to reduce its impacts drastically.

What's on your bucket list?

Send Donald Trump & Kim Jung Un to Siberia. No, seriously, I still want to start up a few more life changing climate projects in developing countries like Wanrou, Ecomakala Virunga, Green Sahel Consulting with my team & the support of companies & social entrepreneurs. Otherwise I plan to start a few more businesses that improve our lives. There are a few in the pipe, but maybe it will be a flop, you never really know. That’s the fun part. In general I just want to have a really good time with my kids, family & friends.

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Who is / has been your mentor?

At early age, it was my grandfather Antoine Humblet, former Belgian entrepreneur and minister. And now I have a few mentors, usually close friends, environmental activists, athletes and business people that inspire me on a daily basis.

What is a problem you face every day that nobody has fixed yet?

The apathy towards the life & civilisation threatening climate urgency & climate injustice.  

What is / are your guilty pleasure(s)?

Surfing and playing golf with family and friends. And definitely chocolates! 

Which Belgian entrepreneur inspires you the most?

All the (young) entrepreneurs that start without a dime on their bank account, without parachute that jump into the unknown in order to realise their dream, passion or mission in life.

What is your favourite website?

WSL's and Indiegogo's websites.

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