Send your kids on a European Tour with My ZebraBook

08.06.2016 - Dries Tack

“My ZebraBook” is a personalised children’s book publishing company founded by Marie Thibaut de Maisieres. My ZebraBook specialises in unique, tailor-made books which tell your little darlings’ story.

My Zebra Book - Europa Tour Edition

Today you can help and fund this great project by ordering their 3th book : “Europa Tour”. This time Louise, Basile, Emma, Thomas....and finally; your child will be the hero or heroine of a big trip across Europe in search of the 26 letters of the alphabet.

Reine - Europa Tour - My Zebra Book

On their quest, they will need to plant tulips in The Netherlands (poor kids), wind Swiss cuckoo-clocks, save a baby stork in Poland, drink tea in the proper way with the Queen of England, comfort a little Romanian vampire, etc…

Beyond teaching your little one to read, this magical and unique book will take them on a journey across Europe as they courageously rise to all manner of funny challenges.

MyZebraBook - Europa Tour Edition

The colourful illustrations are the work of the talented Florence Weiser.

The text of the book is already complete but My ZebraBook needs funding to finish the design and lay-out and to create the algorithm needed for the personalisation of each book.

The best way to fund is by ordering your personal copy of this great children’s book and much more on

Profiles - Marie Thibaut de Maisieres - Florence Weiser - MyZebraBook
All pictures © MyZebraBook

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