Belgian Bleu Blood, an aristocratic tableau de chasse

23.12.2015 - Dries Tack

A few lucky people have already found the perfect aristocratic Christmas present: Belgian Blue Blood, the latest photography book on upper class Belgium by British photographer Rip Hopkins.

Belgian Blue Blood offers a glimpse into 99 aristocratic families with portraits of our nation’s finest. Hopkins managed to capture the beauty one of our most typical and most loved traits: self-deprecation.

Belgian Bleu Blood © Rip Hopkins / Belgian Boutique

Belgian historian Olivier de Trazegnies contributes to making the families’ histories whole, while French author Pauline de La Boulaye gives a reading to the images. From the Princess de Chimay, née Françoise Peter, posing in her palace with an eagle on her arm to Count Leopold Lippens in a top hat on the beach, the subjects show themselves staged or au naturel, as Rip Hopkins catches them through his lens.

Belgian Bleu Blood © Rip Hopkins / Belgian Boutique

Belgium counts 25.000 members of the aristocracy – so 0,2% of the population, and only 800 are Flemish. The titles are shared by 1.100 families. A third of the nobility dates back to the Ancien Regime, while the other two thirds gained their titles from William I of the Netherlands during the XIXth century, or more recently by the King of Belgium, generally for services to the country.

The 999 copies of the book have flown out the door at quite a pace. There are just a few more copies available from

Belgian Bleu Blood © Rip Hopkins / Belgian Boutique

About the authors:


Born in Sheffield in 1972, Rip Hopkins graduated from the Industrial DesignNational School (ENSCI) in Paris. For almost ten years, in collaboration with Doctors Without Borders, he produced photographic reports and documentaries on endangered populations around the world.
Winner of several prestigious awards and grants, his work is one of several international public and private collections.
Rip Hopkins is constantly looking for new testing grounds and new artistic challenges. He practices different genres as the portrait or landscape, its atypical style, at the crossroads of documentary photography and artistic expression, puts people at the centre of his work.
Rip Hopkins is a member of Agence Vu in Paris. It is represented in Europe by the gallery The Lamppost and Belgium by Caroline Bouchard for the Belgian Blue Blood series.


Born in Paris in 1977. A graduate in Contemporary History and Social Sciences (Paris). Writer and independent curator. She’s taken part in exhibitions, conferences and study visits to museums, art schools and cities as well as private and corporate collections. Her projects link visual arts, circus performance, dance, life, design, architecture, museum, public space. Contributor at the Institut Supérieur pour l’Etude du Language Plastique (Iselp) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels, she lives with her family in the capital of Europe.

Belgian Bleu Blood © Rip Hopkins / Belgian Boutique

More info on

BELGIAN BLUE BLOOD by Rip Hopkins, Pauline de La Boulaye, Olivier de Trazegnies
Filigranes Editions, Paris
999 exemplaires dont
99 sont signés et numérotés par Rip Hopkins
99 familles
122 photographies
240 pages
format 25 x 34 cm
relié couverture cartonnée mi-toilée
isbn 978-2-35046-381-0

Belgian Bleu Blood © Rip Hopkins / Belgian Boutique
Belgian Bleu Blood © Rip Hopkins / Belgian Boutique




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