Quartett, a play by Rosas and TG Stan

14.01.2019 - Editorial

“A salon before the French revolution / a bunker following World War Three”.
As the outside world is falling apart, a man, Valmont, and a woman, Merteuil, attempt to gain amorous affection from each other.

Interpreting the caustic yet timeless play Quartett by Heiner Müller (often considered one of the most important German dramatists of the 20th century), itself inspired by the 1782 classic Les liaisons dangereuses, Cynthia Loemij from the Rosas dance company and Frank Vercruyssen from the theatre collective TG Stan engage in a performance both light and heavy, cruel and tender, exalted in its rawness.

Cynthia Loemij and Frank Vercruyssen

The confrontation between the masculine and the feminine matches the confrontation between the powers of persuasion and the physical threat of violence. The two people have passe the peak of their sexual attraction, yet stick to youth, corporality and sensuality, and struggle with them.

Actor Frank Vercruyssen says in an interview that in that sense, things now coincide with the text. In fact, this is not the first time that Cynthia and Frank deal with Quartett. The first collaboration was back in 1999, and this revival carries the added maturity, the change but also the melancholy and finiteness that the years have brought to the two talents. This undertaking, in 2018, becomes indeed a study of the performance from 1999, and not its re-creation.

With its beautiful rhythm, its complexity, and its unique relationship, this collaboration might just sweep you off your feet. This January, let yourself be tempted and open up to an intimate performance shared by two accomplished artists.


You can see the show every night from the 23rd to the 26th of January

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