NATIONA(A)L Artist Supermarket 5th edition

07.11.2019 - Editorial

Now in its fifth year, NATIONA(A)L has drawn inspiration from the world of retail to launch the NATIONA(A)L ARTIST SUPERMARKET: a multidisciplinary supermarket giving local artists, creatives and cultural initiatives access to the tools of globalisation. 

The NATIONA(A)L ARTIST SUPERMARKET will be held from 28 November to 15 December 2019 at the Vandenborght building and will feature: - A creators’ market, like a kind of concept store, where visitors can buy gifts of all shapes and sizes in the run-up to Christmas. - An exclusive sample of local artists, designers, artisans, creatives and cultural initiatives selected by a panel of ambassadors who are all experts in their respective fields. - The very best of home-grown Belgian creativity in the fields of visual arts, design, fashion, publishing, music, cinema, performance, food and digital arts. - Ethical works and products that local, sustainable and/or fair-trade distribution networks to question mindsets and help change consumer habits. 

An exhibition space for contemporary Belgian creations, which will be open for 3 weeks and have free entry. - A multi-purpose venue that will stage intimate concerts, signing sessions, performances and even culinary events. - A space where the public can interact with the Belgian cultural and creative sector. - An unprecedented cultural experience offering a behind-the-scenes look at Belgian creative initiatives of all sizes. Buoyed by its previous success, this year’s NATIONA(A)L is an innovative event designed to satisfy the appetite of curious customers and inspire the Belgian cultural microcosm.


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Venue : Vanderborght Building - 50 Rue de l’Ecuyer - 1000 Brussels

NATIONA(A)L Artist Supermarket 5th edition


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