Keith Haring from 06.12.2019 to 19.04.2020 in Bozar

30.10.2019 - Editorial

Haring's iconic visual style is instantly recognizable. The huge retrospective of this legendary American artist offers a chance to (re)discover his life's work, activism and continued influence.

The chronological and thematical exhibition reflects the broad range of the artist’s practice, with more than 85 drawings and paintings complemented by videos, collages, posters, murals, archive documents...

Haring’s work is ingrained in the (pop) culture of the 1980s, and the social themes he touches on are still relevant today: human rights, AIDS/HIV, racism, LGBTQI+, drug addiction ... 

At the exhibition's fringes BOZAR presents a broad public programme which brings Keith Haring's themes into the present day. 

Keith Haring (1958–1990), Ignorance = Fear, 1989, Poster, 660 x 1141 mm © Keith Haring Foundation / Collection Noirmontartproduction, Paris

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Keith Haring (1958-1990), Untitled, 1981, Sumi ink on paper, 95,3 x 125,7 cm © Keith Haring Foundation, Private collection, courtesy Martin Lawrence Galleries




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