Young photography star Charlotte Abramow is releasing her first book

05.07.2018 - Editorial

Congratulations to the young photography star Charlotte Abramow, who is finalising the release of her first photography book "MAURICE - Tristesse & Rigolade". The book is about Abramow’s father, now an 86-year-old cancer survivor, and his "rebirth" following the illness. 

The project has been in the making for a few years now. In 2017 Abramow had the first draft of the book, but she didn't want to rush the process. She ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, that got her closer to the goal. Now, she couldn't be happier. "You can't possibly imagine how eager I am at the idea of you having a physical, palpable, copy of my book in your hands," she claims in her recent update on the project. 

Maurice Project's exhibition is still in the making as well.

Congratulations, Charlotte!

More info: Official project's page | Kickstarter | Charlotte Abramow

Maurice © Charlotte Abramow




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