Visitor experience at heart in restyled Arenberg theatre

27.08.2019 - Editorial

The Arenberg theatre, in the heart of Antwerp, is launching a restyling of the ground floor bars and lounge that goes a step further in the experience for the visitor. The creative force behind the restyling is Billyjean, an interior designer and part of the Arenberg production team. With her design she wants to represent both the grand style of the past and the new energy of today. Together with a selection of designers, makers and brands, they have created an inspiring environment for the audience.

© Bart Kiggen

In the words of director Milan Rutten: "Arenberg reaches out to a broad audience with a diverse program, but that vision was not being felt in the interior yet. Arenberg aims to be more than just a venue with a stage.” With the new interior design, the production team has created an inviting and inspiring environment that stimulates the audience to meet earlier, as well as have a bite and linger afterwards. In the future the ambition will be to open Arenberg as an 'open house' for co-workers, freelancers, students, etc.

© Bart Kiggen

The two existing bars of Arenberg have been restyled. BARLOKAL and the nearby foyer have Parisian bistro style sitting areas and cozy lounge areas with a vibrant atmosphere. The comfy sofas are a hint to the classic red theatre seats.

© Bart Kiggen

BARBRUT, to the contrary, is bursting with fresh energy with a bar covered in graphics by Pieter Boels. The Colombian wire chairs by Omarcity, and geometric bar tables by Atelier Dubbeloo complement the colorful murals. The out-of-the-box pink high seat by Lien Van Deuren, designer behind the Antwerp-based label Hartwerp, triggers the audience to have a fun view from above.

Director Milan Rutten and designer of the restyling Billjean. © Bart Kiggen

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