Eurotopie - Belgian Pavilion at Venice Architectural Biennale encourages the unity of Europe

25.06.2018 - Editorial

Every other year, from May to November, Venice invites architects from all over the world to participate in their Biennale. Each time creators from either Flanders or Wallonia are chosen to represent Belgium in this event. This year it’s Walloons’ time to shine.

Three young architects from Traumnovelle office, Léone Drapeaud, Manuel Leon Fanjul, and Johnny Leya, teamed up with the Brussels-based architect and art historian Roxane Le Grelle to make the Belgian pavilion happen. Together with their creative team, they created Eurotopie.

Eurotopie invites the visitors to reconsider Brussels’ European Quarter. Brussels has been a capital of Europe for several decades now. According to the creators, however, it’s only served as the base for political discussions, while it could be so much more. It could unite the everyday citizens of Europe. This Belgian Pavilion encourages the visitors to discuss, debate, and, ultimately, to commit to constructing a truly united Europe.

The Pavilion perfectly reflects on the topic of 2018 Biennale - ‘freespace’. Freespaces are the ones which promote generosity and humanity  - the values that are at the roots of architectural practice.

The curators of the Belgian Pavilion Eurotopie

More info: Traumnovelle | Venice Biennale

All pictures © Philippe Braquenier


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