Discover the Belgian Utopian City ‘Heliopolis’

28.03.2019 - Editorial

The Boghossian Foundation is honoring Heliopolis, the cradle of a new city, created from nothing at the beginning of the twentieth century by Belgian industrialist Édouard Empain.

© Boghossianstichting

Today enclaved in Egypt’s sprawling capital, Heliopolis draws its originality and dynamism from its urban contours and its distinctive monuments, expressions of an inter-cultural dialogue that identifies Heliopolis as a remarkable contemporary ensemble, steeped in history.

© Jacques Saucin

Since the dawn of time, Heliopolis has evoked a mysterious city of ancient Egypt, where, on the first morning of the world, the solar god Ra came into existence, releasing his creative energy.

©Laurent de Broca

Since then, in both East and West, the city of Heliopolis, renowned for the wisdom and science of its clergy, has fed the collective imagination, as evidenced by the pilgrims of the Christian era coming to pray near the tree that protected the Virgin and the Child during the Flight into Egypt.

©Laurent de Broca

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