The Architects : Philippe Samyn

26.12.2017 - Editorial board

If the motto of his architecture and engineering company is “Why?”, Sir Philippe Samyn, rewarded for his work and ennobled, has the answer in the form of his maxim as a knight : “Reperire, Invenire, Creare.” Literally, "Discover, Find, Create".

© SAMYN and PARTNERS - Portrait of Sir Philippe Samyn - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What made you decide to become an architect?

With a mother artist and a father engineer, I was born to be an architect and engineer.

What are the future challenges for architecture?

The future challenges for architecture are the same as the past challenges. That is to say, to match the great goal of the client with the genius loci of the place.

Who is your architect godfather?

I have many godfathers, who are all also keen builders: among them, Frank Lloyd Wright, Victor Horta, Gunnar Asplund… 

What building would you like to imagine?

Any building type, as every building deserves architecture, be it a palace or a warehouse.

© Quentin Olbrechts - European Council and Council of the European Union by Philippe SAMYN and PARTNERS architects & engineers, LEAD and DESIGN PARTNER. With Studio Valle Progettazioni architects, Buro Happold Limited engineers - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What project are you the most proud of?

Of course, the one I have not designed yet.

What building would you like to blow up?

Peace is always more difficult to obtain that war. The worst architecture can always be adjusted to become poetic. That means that the word “problem” is not part of my vocabulary, as it always remains a great source of inspiration.

If not an architect, what would you have become?

I am an architect and an engineer. I believe I could also have become a composer.

Best architectural city-trip and what to see?

Just like any desperate architecture or situation, every city is worth discovering. Here again, the worst situation is a source of inspiration.

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