The Architects : Matthieu Busana and Sébastien Dachy

05.12.2017 - Editorial board

Founded in 2014 by architects Matthieu Busana and Sébastien Dachy, MAMOUT explores a practice of architecture based on multidisciplinary and research-by-design. They develop projects of various scales and programs, mostly located in urban environment. They use physical paper models, graphic design and photography to explore themes like materiality, light and scenography.

This open state of mind is combined to a rigorous and client-driven way of working.

© MAMOUT - Architects Sébastien Dachy and Mathieu Busana - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What made you decide to become an architect?

We have for a very long time been fascinated by architectural references. From the great masters to the everyday architecture, references have shaped our vision and strengthened our faith in architecture. Becoming architects was the most natural process for us.

What are the future challenges for architecture?

We deeply believe in architecture as an ambivalent practice. We struggle every day to let architecture live for itself, not as a pale consequence of technical or legislative factors. And at the same time, and that’s where the challenge is huge, to integrate architecture in an open and multidisciplinary approach.

Who is your architect godfather?

Architecture world is so rich, and our work is so much driven by the research of references that we have a new godfather almost every day. Yesterday, it was Mario Bota, the day before it was Godon Bunschaft…

What building would you like to imagine?

We would love to design the pure flexible building. A building that could host any function. A structure that would be so adaptive and progressive that it would pass through time and fashion, and stand beyond the use.

What project are you the most proud of?

We are fascinated by our (unbuild) project Lido. We love its monumentality and its clear statement. We are also gratified by our first completed public project, Charles Malis, which is a renovation of an existing structure into an administration hall in Molenbeek.

© MAMOUT - Projects Charles Malis and Lido - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What building would you like to blow up?

The whole installation of the Christmas Market of Brussels (fancy lighting comprised).

If not an architect, what would you have become?

Matthieu : Sailor
Sébastien : Jet pilot

Best architectural city-trip and what to see?

Matthieu : Le Havre (France), with the urbanism and iconic buildings of Auguste Perret, and the library of Oscar Niemeyer.
Sébastien : Tallinn (Estonia), the Linnahall, designed by Raine Karp for the Olympic Games of 1980 hosted by the Soviet Union. It’s almost a ruin now, but if you knock on the maintenance door, you might get a private tour with the caretaker.

 © Wanderella - Linahall, Tallinn, Estonia - BELGIANBOUTIQUE