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14.11.2017 - Editorial board

Before establishing B-ILD, Kelly Hendriks worked for a considerable time at Belgian and international agencies such as 51N4E (Brussels), OMA (NY, USA) and Christian Kieckens (Brussels). After acquiring experience with projects of a very diverse scale and program, the architectural office B-ILD was founded. In 2007 she received the Godecharle price for young architects. 

The projects of B-ILD are very diverse and range from a skate park in Blankenberge, public school projects, the scenography of the art fair Art Brussels, the reconversion of a bunker to a holiday home and the interior design of a penthouse on the Flagey square in Ixelles.

© Agata Smok / B-ILD - Kelly Hendriks & team - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What made you decide to become an architect?

I always wanted a horse but my parents weren’t very fond of this idea. So I designed an imaginary stable for my white horses. This was the first bundle of plans, section and facades I produced. I liked it so much that I kept on drawing and designing. I was 5. I did my first competition when I was 6.

What are the future challenges for architecture?

We believe in truly durable buildings that stand the test of time. Nowadays, the tendency exists to opt too much for cheaper and temporary materials that cannot be recycled. A clear and well-thought design is much more durable and economic. This means making architecture with less and designing public buildings that are generous through their spaciousness.

Who is your architect godfather?

Rem Koolhaas and Alison Smithson

What building would you like to imagine?

A high-rise building next to a highway. I don’t know why but it is an obsession.

What building are you most proud of?

We are happy with all the projects but our first public project was very important to us. PSBO Building, a commission that we won through the Open Oproep procedure of the Vlaams Bouwmeester, was delivered this year. Flexibility and simplicity of construction are one of the pillars that defined the layout of the building. The playgrounds and the gymnasium are open spaces that form the backbone of the school. The gymnasium is designed as an atrium that is connected visually and programmatically to the public functions.

© Olmo Peeters / B-ILD - PSBO Building - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What building would you like to blow up?

Without a doubt: the façade of the Voka offices in the centre of Ghent, next to the Vooruit. It stands for everything we don’t stand for.

If not an architect, what would you have become?

A lawyer

Best architectural city-trip and what to see?

Vienna, probably because I went there last weekend. I was really overwhelmed by the Loos Haus by Adolf Loos and the 21er Haus Museum. The building of this museum is actually the Austrian Pavilion for the World Expo 58 in Brussels. It was moved back to Vienna. 

© Gerald Zugmann / 21er Haus - 21er Haus, Exterior View - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Find out more about the office, their news and projects on B-ILD's website


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