The Architects : Dries Vens and Maarten Vanbelle

21.11.2017 - Editorial board

Dries Vens and Maarten Vanbelle met each other at Sint-Lucas where they were pursuing a master's degree in architecure, which they both obtained in 2004. Two years later, the pair unites and founds Atelier Vens Vanbelle.

Keeping the agency deliberately small and always working together, the architects have nonetheless completed more than a hundred projects : constructions, renovations and repurposings for which they have been distinguished several times.

© Atelier Vensvanbelle - The Team - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What made you decide to become architects ?

Already as kids we were fascinated about building treehouses etc; so we kind of always knew we wanted to become an architect.

What are the future challenges for architecture?

Not to loose creativity.

Who is your architect godfather?

Juliaan Lampens and Terunobu Fujimori.

What building would you like to imagine?

We always make very personal designs, so if Elon Musk is interested he can always give us a call!

What project are you the most proud of?

Every project in which the communication with the client leads to an original and consequent architectural story. It makes us happy when at the end the client is proud of his building.


© Atelier Vensvanbelle - Notariaat 2.0 Exterior View - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

What building would you like to blow up?

If we blew up the house of the neighbours in front of us, we would be able to see the castle of Ghent. That could add a little drama to our daily life, but untill then we are happy anyway.

If not an architect, what would you have become?

Barber (Maarten) and carpenter (Dries).

Best architectural city-trip and what to see?

Lanzarote (all the work of César Manrique is amazing, and it's also a very nice island to visit for a week or so).

© Maarten Vanbelle - César Manrique House Museum - BELGIANBOUTIQUE


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