Who will be nominated future luxury talent of Belgium?

28.02.2019 - Editorial

Maison Armand Jonckers: History of a filiation

The timeless and exclusive Maison Armand Jonckers is moving its creation workshops to
Zaventem in a recently rehabilitated industrial wasteland. In the Zaventem Ateliers they just
set up their workshop and showroom.

20.02.2019 - Editorial

Discover Debailleul's new Brussels hotspot for sweet and chocolate aficionados.

09.02.2019 - Editorial

Delvaux on Fifth Avenue

Delvaux opens its first American flagship on the fabled Fifth Avenue at the corner of 59th Street, on Manhattan’s elegant Upper East Side, overlooking Central Park.

16.01.2019 - Editorial

Only Belgians can come up with this: drinking fine gin to protect mountain gorillas

04.08.2018 - Editorial

The entrepreneurs : Meet Steven Boelens, disrupting the diamond jewellery business with BAUNAT

30.03.2018 - Editorial

Jaco Van Dormael presents his surrealist short film for Delvaux

Award-winning auteur-filmmaker Jaco van Dormael just released his poëtic “Miniatures Belgitude” shortfilm for Delvaux. The director of some of the all-time greatest hits of Belgian cinema such as “Toto le Héros“. managed to mix luxury, prestige and creativity with the playful humour Belgium is famous for.

29.08.2017 - Editorial

The Pure Foosball Table

05.07.2017 - Editorial board

Gioia Seghers FW 17 Sneak Peek

04.07.2017 - Editorial board

Un Renouveau pour Ooidonk

« Avec mon mari Henry, j’ai voulu donner à Ooidonk une touche plus personnelle, plus actuelle où confort et beauté s’unissent, où histoire et vie moderne se chevauchent, où traditions familiales et créativité un peu osée s’enrichissent. Faire de ce patrimoine un lieu de vie agréable et joliment aménagé où Art et Histoire se mêlent parfaitement au quotidien familial était notre vœu le plus cher ». – Coralie t’Kint de Roodenbeke

05.06.2017 - Editorial board