€ 3300

SHELTR is a simple, beautiful canvas tent. Its shape reminds us of a children’s drawing of a house, basic but iconic design indeed. Built to last, this modern cabin can be used as an outdoor refuge or as an ornamental feature in gardens. It can also serve as a hut to observe wildlife in great outdoors. 

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The assembled frame is made of galvanised steel plates. The two frames are tied together by steel tubes that support the floor. The fabric that covers the frame is weatherproof and has a guarantee of 10 years. SHELTR is designed to be transported, mounted and dismounted easily on site. The front and back side of the tent are open. Optional doors and walls can be added.
The basic version is 250 x 250 cm and 300 cm high, and weighs 300kg.

Tradewinds is a craft workshop in which Jean Pierre Galeyn and his fellow craftsmen create, produce and distribute authentic products for outdoor and garden. They are positive nostalgics persistently seeking for the perfect blend between authentic craftmanship and new technology to achieve unique objects. This is why their authentic products are appreciated by discerning consumers, interested in quality, all over the world since 1995.

advertising marketing Belgium Escritoire design


advertising marketing Belgium Escritoire design