€ 595

Moonsoon is an ingenious outdoor lamp. Made out of waterproof and sunproof materials, this lamp can resist any weather. Its weight also allows it to withstand any strong winds. With 10 hours of intense light autonomy, Moonsoon will enlighten your late nights out on the garden or terrace, on a boat or even out camping.

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Energy-saving CFL bulb
12 Volt rechargeable battery - 10 hours autonomy
Dimensions - H 41cm, L 19cm, W 19cm

Tradewinds is a craft workshop in which Jean Pierre Galeyn and his fellow craftsmen create, produce and distribute authentic products for outdoor and garden. They are positive nostalgics persistently seeking for the perfect blend between authentic craftmanship and new technology to achieve unique objects. This is why their authentic products are appreciated by discerning consumers, interested in quality, all over the world since 1995.


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