Slumber Plaid


€ 480

This plaid will complement the slumber pouf and warm up your house. Made in a three-dimensional elastic fabric, the plaid is highly flexible. The fabric feels velvety and soft mainly because of the Kid Mohair. 

Available in four timeless colours, the plaid offers a chic and comfortable cover for breezy evenings.

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Made of Merinowool, Cotton, Kid Mohair
Dimensions - 130cm x 180cm

Casalis designs and produces contemporary interior applications based on textiles, for private dwellings as well as for public spaces: carpets, objects and acoustic panels which are functional as well as artistic meet the very highest standards.
After graduating at the Design Academy, Eindhoven, Liset Van Der Scheer has been working as an independent industrial textile designer and color expert. She designed the Slumber collection for Casalis.

To her, the importance of designing lies in marketing a product that adds to the identity that the consumer wishes to convey at a particular moment in time.
Her designs challenges lie in applying traditional materials in an innovative way, or in applying new materials to an existing production process.


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