• The designer behind the brand: Valentine Witmeur

  • Lukas Dhont's 'Girl' trailer

  • Blackwave. and the Hip-Hop universe


Meet industrial designer Jean-François D'Or from LOUDORDESIGN studio

From doorknobs to furniture - simple and unpretentious.

16.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

5 things you should know about Brussels Flower Carpet

Isn't this just the best way to flaunt our flower export numbers?

15.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Get to know the brand - design studio Pinkeye

A studio with no boundaries - from branding to interior design

15.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Find what your collection is missing at Collectors Gallery

Collectors Gallery moved to a new location but it definitely didn't lose its previous cabinet-of-curiosities type charm.

13.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Meet the future of Belgian fashion world - Ester Manas

12.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Did you know? Asphalt was invented by a Belgian

It's so hot right now, the roads are nearly melting...

06.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Valentine Witmeur's knitwear is the reason why we're all waiting for autumn

05.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Only Belgians can come up with this: drinking fine gin to protect mountain gorillas

04.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Meet Olivier de Brauwere - the co-founder of Brussels Beer Project

The brewery that bids farewell to the Middle Ages and invites to follow them into the XXI century.

03.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte

Impressive photo collection gems are coming to Belgium

Pictures of world-famous and Belgian stars that you can acquire for your own living room.

02.08.2018 - Agne Steponaityte