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04.05.2018 - Dries Tack

10 years ago three Belgian art lovers set up an art gallery that celebrates Belgian art. Pierre Babut Du Mares, François Golenvaux, and Yves Brigode started with their passion - XIX and XX century works. They exhibited them at art fairs and festivals.

Now the things are different. The trio owns a gallery space in Namur. They’ve expanded beyond the time period limits as well. Yet, one thing stayed the same - they are still representing Belgium. And with a name like that, who would doubt their dedication?

Introducing - Belgian Gallery.

Belgian Gallery - Representing the local artists - Belgian Boutique

How would you describe your job to a 5-year-old ?

We buy paintings from the greatest Belgian artists all over the world. Our job is to find the paintings and get hold of them. We select the most interesting ones, we prove they are real, we frame them, sometimes restore them, and then sell them at art fairs and at our gallery.

Can art save the world?

In general, intelligence and culture can save the world. And, as art connects these two, I would say yes, it can save the world. It requires an open mind. It invites to discover other points of view, other cultures. Admiring a work of art is the most positive thing because in a way you are admiring another person and his ideas. It requires selflessness. Therefore, art is can make people better. 

Belgian Gallery - Representing the local artists - Belgian Boutique

Which Belgian artist do you admire?

We only work with Belgians, so lots of our favourites are from around here. It’s hard to pick a few because the artists we exhibit present the work we love the most. To answer this question we would just have to list them all.

Who / what should be banned from the art world?

We don't think any of them should be banned. Every piece of art has its own explanation, a purpose of some kind. Sometimes it takes years to understand both the pieces and the artist themselves. You can’t judge it too quickly. There are so many artists who were despised before they were considered to be geniuses.

On the other hand, banning the exploitation of art (the fakes pieces, the selling out) sounds like a good idea. 

Belgian Gallery - Representing the local artists - Belgian Boutique

What was the first art piece you bought for your private collection?

A work by Floris Jespers, one of his églomisé [painted on glass] pieces.

Who is your biggest competitor?

The galleries that are focused on the same niche as us.

What’s your favourite work of art?

All. We get to know and fall in love with artists of all styles that we present. There is no preference. However, we do have a tendency to focus towards the minimalist work.

Which Belgian talent should we feature on Belgian Boutique next? Why?

Nel 14512. Her surrealist sculptures and play on words make her stand out from the crowd. 


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