Lux Fashion Week 2017

03.10.2017 - Editorial board

September is probably the busiest months of this second semester when it comes to fashion. All around the world, one fashion week after another, fashion lovers couldn’t take their eyes off the catwalks. Whether it was in New-York, Milan, Paris or in Tokyo and Madrid, fashion designers were given open scenes to showcase their talents and set the next fashion trends.

© Dominique Fermine - Julie Alexandre at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

In Belgium we also have our fair share of talented fashion designers. And some of them were given their open scene this friday 29 September 2017 at the Lux Fashion Week.

During the fashion show, the Belgian Luxembourg originated designers had the opportunity to showcase their work.

© Dominique Fermine - Céline Bastin at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE
© Claudy Petit - Mathieu Panzokou at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE
© Mathieu Golinvax - Sandrine Dauchot at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE
© Dominique Fermine - Marie Schweisthal at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE
© Dominique Fermine - Kathleen Guérisse at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

But Lux Fashion Week is not over yet. If you didn’t have the chance to attend the fashion show from Friday 29 September, the video recording will be projected Thursday 5 October at Ciné Espace in Arlon followed by a drink.

Lux Fashion Week also organizes a conference lunch about innovative materials in fashion and design on Friday 6 October at the Palais in Arlon with Daniel Henry and Olivier Douhéret as guest speakers. Both pioneers in the field, Henry and Douhéret will talk about the different techniques they developed and how fashion and design can benefit from nanotechnologies.

© Claudy Petit - Marjorie Hinque at Lux Fashion Week - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

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