Antwerp Royal Academy's fashion students put on the show of the year

11.06.2018 - Editorial

When talking about fashion in Belgium and up-and-coming designers it would be a crime not to mention the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Every year the world waits for the school’s graduate fashion show to take down names of the promising new talents. This year was no exception.

The school’s curriculum encourages the students to experiment with fashion. Under the guidance of tutors with the industry experience, they aim to find their personal relationship with style and apparel.

Founded in 1965, the fashion school has produced a number of world-renowned designers. The legendary Antwerp Six and Martin Margiela are just the first ones that come to mind but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

The first year Bachelor students this year experimented on the topic of Joy.

Second years presented their interpretation of historical costumes.

Students in year 3 had a chance to explore ethnic costumes.

The Master students presenting their collections:

Kjell de Meersman
Noa Kapchitz and Elijah Schali
Shayli Harrison
Gennaro Genni Velotti
Predrag Petrovic
Stefan Kartchef
Frederica Dileo
Michal Gruca

The hyper-feminine collection of Kjell de Meersman
Kjell de Meersman used latex to accentuate the sexiness of the outfits
Noa Kapchitz and Elijah Schali worked with leather
In their collection they wanted to combine animalistic nature with the sharp and clean
In Gennaro Genni Velotti's collection feminine forms meet masculine silhouettes
The designer was inspired by feminism and the image of a free woman
Predrag Petrovic says that his collection is a trashier version of MTV in the 00's
The collection was inspired by Serbian music channel TV Pink
Stefan Kartchef was inspired by Bulgarian orthodox liturgical wear
His collection used religious advertising slogans with a noticeable irony
Frederica Dileo was inspired by the life and death of a Sicilian girl that helped to start the biggest mafia trial in Italy
They designer claims that in her work she takes on serious topics that she translates into digestible material
Michal Gurca was inspired by camouflage and 70's male erotica
The patters used in the collections was supposed to give a nostalgic and slightly romantic feel to it




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