The Designers : Nathalie Dewez

15.12.2017 - Editorial board

Nathalie Dewez is a woman of talent, and multiple ones. Her work has no limit but that of her imagination. Currently in Polynesia, she is developing prototypes in weaving and ways to use the technique with other materials in future designs. 

© Gianluca Vassallo - Nathalie Dewez - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

From which product do we know you? What's your best seller?

Well, my best seller is definitely the small wall lamp 'La Plic' produced by Ligne Roset for more 10 years now. But it is not the product which people know me from. Actually it is quite funny as I have realized that people do not agree on which product is my “best” or “most famous” one… Some think it is the ‘Balance’ desk lamp, some others the ‘Ellipse’ pendant lamp (that has been used for the Dandoy shop Place Stéphanie), and others think it is the ‘Still’ pendant lamp… See… They don’t agree… ! I used to prefer the last one I designed, but I like them all of course!

What is your favourite material to work with?

I definitely prefer “noble” materials. I have never used plastic for example… I really like metal, because it is long-lasting and easy to use. But I also love glass and one of my last lamp was made of paper … I am quite open and I love to discover new techniques.

What product would you like to design?

During the summer of 2016, when the Italian company De Castelli contacted me to design a product for them, they told me : “You can design anything you want, except a chair or a lamp”. I was delighted. I really love designing light fixtures of course, but I have never decided to focus on that. But you know how it works, you design one or two, then people order you a new one and, suddenly, you are a lighting specialist. For De Castelli, I ended up designing a console and I loved it. I have developed a concept of screen and now, with the weaving, I am also trying other things. I am so glad to do something different than lightings.

© Nathalie Dewez - Ellipse for Dandoy and Still for L'Antichambre - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Who is your design hero?

A hero ? My grandfather was a painter. He also made sculptures, jewellery, furniture (for his home only), drawings … My grandmother and him were probably the ones who made me see my surroundings differently. I remember once I was with her in their cellar. She gave me a big ceramic isolator that came from an electric pole she probably had found on the street. And she asked me “Isn’t it beautiful?”.
They taught me to see beauty elsewhere and it naturally influenced my work later on. Thanks to them, Art became one of my main source of inspiration. Artists like Calder, Elsworth Kelly, Panamarenko, Donald Judd, Dan Flavin, Takis, Buren, James Turrell, Yves Klein, Sol Le Witt, sculptors in general, nature, etc. So, yes, lots of influences but few from Design, eventually.  If I had to name some designers I love, it would be someone like Achille Castiglioni or Vico Magistretti.

Best design shop in Belgium, both on- and offline?

La Fabrika (rue Antoine Dansaert) for online shopping, they’re friends of mine. And Dominique Rigo (rue de Stalle) for offline shopping. He has been in the design sector for so many years that he knows everything!

Which Belgian restaurant or bar offers the best design experience?

I mainly like simple and classical places to eat, I will go to a restaurant if the food is good. For the bars, I like the ones who are near my place. I like the wine bar ‘Ruby’ and the restaurant ‘Beaucoup fish’.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I answered that question when we talked about my heroes. Sorry!

How do you picture yourself? Please send us a sketched self-portrait.

I can’t draw so I send you a picture of me with the new hat I weaved myself.

© Nathalie Dewez - Silhouette portrait of Nathalie Dewez - BELGIANBOUTIQUE