If WeCanDance, we can also cover the Wild West in glitter

10.03.2018 - Dries Tack

Summer music festival WeCanDance announced the theme for 2018 celebration. On August 11-12 Zeebrugge beach will be taken over by Acid Cowboys. Style, food and music will blend together on this psychedelic journey to the Wild West.

5 music genres will be celebrated on 5 different festival stages. From hip-hop to house, to anything in between that will make you scream ‘yee-haw!’. Festival’s line-up including Faisal, Chantal, and many more continues growing longer.

The organizers welcome any interpretation of the extravagant theme. Think space cowboys and belly dancing cowgirls. Be sassy and fearless when experiencing bold sounds, tastes, and looks.

If WeCanDance, we can also cover Wild West in glitter - Belgian Boutique




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