Rising star Charlotte Abramow, truly Belgian photographer and director

13.04.2018 - Editorial

Belgian photographer and director Charlotte Abramow is only 24, yet she is already making waves. Her visually striking creations cannot go unnoticed. The artist strives to make lasting impressions in the audience's minds and her recognition proves her success.

One of the works that got the photographer noticed is “The Maurice Project”. It focuses on Abramow’s father, an 85-year-old cancer survivor and his battle with the disease. However, the photographs are not only about the illness. According to the photographer, it is also about “resilience, fight for life, family, and the thin line between old age and childhood.” At the moment Abramow is working on an exhibition and a book dedicated to the project.

Abramow's father Maurice is at the center of one of her photography projects

Still, this is not the only project that makes Abramow stand out. Her bold images represent her bold statements. In her work she explores femininity, relationships and bodies, their fragility and strengths. She dares to challenge the society and its norms. And even though her work might be seen as brazen, it’s still human, emotional, and fun.

The artist spoke to Belgian Boutique about her journey as an artist.

When did you decide to dedicate your life to art?

I began photography when I was about 13. I met Paolo Roversi during a one-day internship in Les Rencontres d’Arles when I was 16. That gave me a lot of confidence and motivation to turn my passion into a job. At the time I was in highschool and I decided that after I graduate I have to study photography in Paris. That is what I did a few years later.

Are you from a creative family or were you the misunderstood kid?

My parents are both doctors and I am their only child. They are not creative per se, but they always took me to painting exhibitions, museums, concerts… When I was little, they gave me the chance to do piano and theater. My mother also gave me disposable cameras so I could photograph my friends in the playground and my parents at home. Actually, I remember my mom took lots of family pictures with her analog camera. Later, after watching photo albums of other families, I discovered that her pictures were particularly beautiful.

Anyway, they didn’t push me to study medicine. Of course, they were a little bit afraid in the beginning. But they trusted me when they saw that I was very passionate and that I was working.

Which artist do you admire?

I’m an absolute fan of Joan Mirò, René Magritte, Jean Arp, Constantin Brancusi, Erwin Wurm, Maurizio Cattelan…

Among photographers, of course, I will always love Paolo Roversi’s work. I also love photographers such as Tim Walker, Viviane Sassen, Pieter Hugo, as well as less famous ones - Harley Weir, Laia Abril and Marton Perlaki. I have utmost respect for JR’s career and his human projects too. I love how Sophie Calle builds her works.

Are you afraid of critics?

Not really afraid, I know that we can’t please everyone! I like when critics are constructive and allow me to go further in my work though.

Being an artist : walk in the park or highway to hell?

Neither and both at the same time! It’s a mix of passion, work, pleasure, doubts, fears, empowerment…

Who is the godfather of the Belgian art world?

René Magritte, definitely !

Which Belgian talent we should interview next?

You should definitely feature the marvelous Claire Laffut ! She is a multi-artist with a gorgeous face. She’s a painter, a songwriter, a singer… Her music is beautiful. Honestly, her paintings are wonderful too, a mix of Mirò and Cocteau.

Keep an eye out for Abramow’s “They Love Trampoline”, an upcoming project about the locals of Faroe Islands. “The idea was to meet the locals and create with them an absurd portrait, and see how humor and creativity can alter and facilitate an encounter with a stranger.”


More info: Charlotte Abramow Official and The Maurice Project 

Charlotte Abramow Portrait ©Sasha Marro




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