Chakie Jam, Belgium's funkiest band

14.04.2018 - Editorial

Chakie Jam makes ‘guilty pleasure synth pop’ and they’re proud of it. With funky beats and catchy lyrics the band aims to spread good vibes.

“We didn’t hear enough happy music, so we took it in our hands and made in ourselves,” claims one of the vocalists of the band Tom. Belgian Boutique sat down with him to find out more about the up-and-comers from Antwerp.

New Belgian synths to get you dancing- Belgian Boutique

What's your favourite song?

We absolutely adore the band ‘Vulfpeck’. The song ‘Back Pocket’ has such an amazing sound and most of all an extensive vocal arrangement, which is kind of our thing too.

Who’s in your advisory board? To whom do you listen?

Our most important advisor is without a doubt Pascal Oorts from Tapelab, our producer. He listens to our demos and has a strict notion of what works and what doesn’t. He perfects our trademark 80s brass synth sound and knows his way around synthesizers. 

Apart from that there are the usual suspects: parents and friends. But the most important feedback we get from the audience at a live show. If people don’t dance at a Chackie Jam show, something’s wrong.

New Belgian synths to get you dancing- Belgian Boutique

What does Belgium sound like?

I don’t believe in a specific Belgian sound. Belgian bands are so versatile that you can’t put them in one box with the label ‘Belgian music’. Not in the past, not now, and I hope not in the future. That would be sad.

Which artist should be banned from radio and all other media?

Who are we to say something like that. Music is democratic, and in any democracy there are people who don’t agree with the way things are. Some people moan about it and others take action. We belong to the latter group.

If you had to compare your music to food what would it be?

Something you don’t want to like but actually really, really do (and in excessive quantities for that matter). Like pancakes with whipped cream, and butter, and powdered sugar, and jam, and, above all else, made with love.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Of course we would like to collaborate with our heroes and biggest influences, like Joe Dart or Theo Katzman from Vulfpeck or Patrick Gemayel from Chromeo. We love the synthpop and disco sound from the 80’s, but we also love all the new technologies that we can work with today. So it would be nice to work with an artist from the 80’s, like Eumir Deodato who produced the iconic hit ‘Get Down on it’ by Kool & The Gang, but also collaborated with Frank Sinatra.

What’s the song list for your funeral?

That’s probably the occasion when I wouldn’t go for tearjerkers. I’m not saying that ‘Hachi’ is suitable for a funeral either though - that would mean the dance did actually stop. But then there are songs like ‘The Bed’s Too Big Without You’ by The Police or ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac.

If you really want people to cry, you can still go for ‘Africa’ by Toto. If you don’t cry when you hear that song in a funeral, you have no heart. And, of course, people would be able to sing along.

New Belgian synths to get you dancing- Belgian Boutique

How do you unwind? Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll?

We all have jobs aside from Chackie Jam, so the music is the unwinding itself actually. A Chackie Jam live show is a lot of fun for us too. There’s a good atmosphere both backstage and on stage and we hope that this reflects on the audience. So come check us out on one of our live shows and please feel free to dance, sing, have fun. Never stop the dance.


Want to indulge in the guilty pleasure? Come to Chakie Jam’s EP release concert in Arenberg, Antwerp on 27th of April. Don’t forget to visit their Facebook page to see if they’re bringing their jams to where you live too.

Check out their song here ! 


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