The new work of Cabinet Double Mafia confesses love to Brussels

20.06.2018 - Dries Tack

Visual artists Arianna Musetta and Marcin Sobolev come from completely different backgrounds. Musetta is from Naples, Italy while Sobolev is of Russian and Polish descent. However, the subject of their latest work is Belgium. Inspired by their love for Brussels they worked on paintings that, for them, represent the Belgian capital.

Cobbled streets, architecture, and rain meet beer, cats, and pigeons all on the same canvas. See how these surprising combinations work together for yourself by visiting Le Cloitre artistic laboratory. The exposition opens on June 21st.

12, rue des Dominicains
1000 Brussels

More info: Le Cloitre | Cabinet Double MafiaFacebook 

All pictures ©Cabinet Double Mafia ©Sophie Carrée




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