Ado Chale Exposes Himself

06.09.2017 - Editorial board

From August 18 to September 24, Bozar hosts Belgian post-war designer Ado Chale's retrospective and exhibits half a century of the craftsman work.

©  Bozar - Ado Chale. Alchemist. Artisan. Designer - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Tracing the artistic journey of Ado Chale, the retrospective resurrects the designer's poetic vestige with powerful pieces. As his daughter, Ilona, likes to mention, her father is animated by a strong antagonism. What she calls his "romantic sweetness" is at the core of the raw material and the thriving shapes he crafts. 

©  Ado Chale - Ado Chale's portrait - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Blacksmith, gemmologist, craftsman, dreamer, curious, relentless and much-imitated, his whole work is a window open on the world we live in. It's a dreamlike journey in the hearth of the earth. 

©  Bozar / Jean-François Jaussaud - Ado Chale "Soleil Maya" - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Chale uses crystals or petrified logs in his artwork and defines himself as a craftsman more than as a "designer" when it comes to furniture creation. This first retrospective brushes the portrait of Ado's career and his universe by means of carefully selected furniture and objects, including the famous Drop, a Pre-Columbian inspired bronze table, some of his mosaic tables, his ball shaped shale furniture, his volcanic console and his illuminated cornelian table. 

© Bozar / Gilles van den Abeele - Mosaïque de cabochons de turquoise - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Along with the retrospective, Chale first monograph, Ado Chale, will be released on the 14 September 2017. Bozar invites his audience to discover a internationally acknowledged artist yet still too little known in our land, whose work lies at the junction between craftsmanship and innovation. 

© Aparté Editions - Mosaïque de cabochons de turquoise - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Retrospective of his work from 18 August to 24 September 

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