Why Belgian architectural landmarks should be imagined by Julien De Smedt

07.09.2017 - Editorial board

Yes Belgium has a great architect. We have many more but we have at least one who has the ambition to conquer the world. His name is Julien De Smedt.

Julien De Smedt just published a book : “BUILT / UNBUILT”. A great opportunity to enjoy his - and yes we are fans - amazing work.


Built Unbuilt revisits 16 years of Julien De Smedt’s work from the inception of the architectural practice PLOT with Bjarke Ingels in 2001 to the work of JDSA and the founding of the design studio Makers With Agendas with William Ravn in 2013.

The Built section of this book gives an overview of De Smedt’s built work seen through the lens of photographer Julien Lanoo.

The Unbuilt section is a selective narrative by De Smedt of projects that haven’t made it to the built world.

© Julien De Smedt - Glimpse of "BUILT / UNBUILT" - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

We can only hope that one day the state of Belgium will start to recognise the amazing talent we have "in country".

© Julien De Smedt - Glimpse of "BUILT / UNBUILT" - BELGIANBOUTIQUE

Edited by Shumi Bose and Mark Isitt.
Contributors: Karsten Ifversen, Michael Speaks and Karen Wong.
Designer: Studio Mathias Clottu
Publisher: FRAME Publishers

For online sales: http://store.frameweb.com/frame-publishers-built-unbuilt-by-julien-de-smedt.html

© Julien De Smedt - Julien De Smet - BELGIANBOUTIQUE


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