Expat series: Meet Dr. Parac-Vogt

When our children were younger and would hear that guests were coming over for a dinner, they would always ask: “Which language will they speak?"

16.06.2017 - Editorial board

When our children were younger and would hear that guests were coming over for a dinner, they would always ask: “Which language will they speak?"


Expat Series: Meet Christophe De Vos

09.06.2017 - Editorial board

Peyo : A Retrospective

07.06.2017 - Editorial board

Un Renouveau pour Ooidonk

« Avec mon mari Henry, j’ai voulu donner à Ooidonk une touche plus personnelle, plus actuelle où confort et beauté s’unissent, où histoire et vie moderne se chevauchent, où traditions familiales et créativité un peu osée s’enrichissent. Faire de ce patrimoine un lieu de vie agréable et joliment aménagé où Art et Histoire se mêlent parfaitement au quotidien familial était notre vœu le plus cher ». – Coralie t’Kint de Roodenbeke

05.06.2017 - Editorial board

Expat series: Meet Mathieu Verschelden

02.06.2017 - Editorial board

Exposition: Chun Kwang Young à la Villa Empain

Une première pour la Fondation Boghossian: l'exposition d'un artiste individuel, Chun Kwang Young. Inaugurée le jeudi 18 mai dernier, les créations de Chun émergent d'un groupe complexe de formes et d'influences, alors même qu'il parvient à une unité élémentaire.

31.05.2017 - Editorial board

Pol Bury’s ‘Time in Motion’ at BOZAR

An exhibition? Yes and much more! Until june 4th, the Centre for Fine Arts (BOZAR) is hosting ‘Time in Motion’ together with events such as boule playing on sundays and organising visits for the traces and artwork that Pol Bury has left since 1947...

29.05.2017 - Editorial board

Expat Series: Meet Stephanie Manasseh

26.05.2017 - Editorial board

Hellhole.Brussels Welcomes Donald

With Trump's first visit to Brussels in 21 years taking place this week, a local website proposes a guerrilla welcoming campaign.

23.05.2017 - Editorial board

New York Design Week: Alain Gilles

For their new collection, Alain Gilles and Vincent Le Guern take you to New York for the city's Design Week. Until tomorrow, Tuesday May 23rd, Wanted Design in Manhattan is showing Evolution: a new French premium kitchen tools and tableware brand, designed by the Belgian Alain Gilles.

22.05.2017 - Editorial board

WIELS presents: 'The Absent Museum'

Celebrating its ten-year anniversary, WIELS has launched, since April, its large-scale exhibition 'The Absent Museum', that is intended to continue promoting Belgian contemporary art, together with its ally Kunstenfestivaldesarts. The exhibition ends on August 13, don't miss it!

19.05.2017 - Editorial board

Théophile & Patachou

Behind this name with a childlike ring to it is a pair of entrepreneurs whose basic concept – to create a world focused on babies – became a very serious business that is constantly changing.

12.05.2017 - Editorial board