Hellhole.Brussels Feature : 13 Pulsions

13 Pulsions gives us a rundown on his background, and explains what Brussels means to him and his work. (bilingue)

28.07.2017 - Editorial board

13 Pulsions gives us a rundown on his background, and explains what Brussels means to him and his work. (bilingue)


Van Duysen Architecture in Paris

“Vincent Van Duysen Architecture”, premiering in September, presents a retrospective exhibition of the projects of the Belgian architect, a personal account of two decades of work seen through a series of photographs and models.

17.07.2017 - Editorial board

Olympe Tits, Master of Photography Finalist

Belgian photographer Olympe Tits returns home from the competition series with an incredible amount of experience and insights from some of the world’s greatest photographers.

14.07.2017 - Editorial board

Gault&Millau Goes to Tomorrowland

For the 5th consecutive year, Gault&Millau sets a critical eye on the world's biggest music festival's diverse hub of food.

07.07.2017 - Editorial board

The Pure Foosball Table

05.07.2017 - Editorial board

Gioia Seghers FW 17 Sneak Peek

04.07.2017 - Editorial board

Expat Series: Meet Ginger Hervey

30.06.2017 - Editorial board

The Magritte Experience Knokke

A month of immersive, Magritte-themed activities take over Knokke on the anniversary of his death.

28.06.2017 - Editorial board

Expat series: Meet Dr. Parac-Vogt

When our children were younger and would hear that guests were coming over for a dinner, they would always ask: “Which language will they speak?"

16.06.2017 - Editorial board

Expat Series: Meet Christophe De Vos

09.06.2017 - Editorial board

Peyo : A Retrospective

07.06.2017 - Editorial board

Un Renouveau pour Ooidonk

« Avec mon mari Henry, j’ai voulu donner à Ooidonk une touche plus personnelle, plus actuelle où confort et beauté s’unissent, où histoire et vie moderne se chevauchent, où traditions familiales et créativité un peu osée s’enrichissent. Faire de ce patrimoine un lieu de vie agréable et joliment aménagé où Art et Histoire se mêlent parfaitement au quotidien familial était notre vœu le plus cher ». – Coralie t’Kint de Roodenbeke

05.06.2017 - Editorial board