Expat Series: Meet Stephanie Manasseh

26.05.2017 - Editorial board

Hellhole.Brussels Welcomes Donald

With Trump's first visit to Brussels in 21 years taking place this week, a local website proposes a guerrilla welcoming campaign.

23.05.2017 - Editorial board

New York Design Week: Alain Gilles

For their new collection, Alain Gilles and Vincent Le Guern take you to New York for the city's Design Week. Until tomorrow, Tuesday May 23rd, Wanted Design in Manhattan is showing Evolution: a new French premium kitchen tools and tableware brand, designed by the Belgian Alain Gilles.

22.05.2017 - Editorial board

WIELS presents: 'The Absent Museum'

Celebrating its ten-year anniversary, WIELS has launched, since April, its large-scale exhibition 'The Absent Museum', that is intended to continue promoting Belgian contemporary art, together with its ally Kunstenfestivaldesarts. The exhibition ends on August 13, don't miss it!

19.05.2017 - Editorial board

Théophile & Patachou

Behind this name with a childlike ring to it is a pair of entrepreneurs whose basic concept – to create a world focused on babies – became a very serious business that is constantly changing.

12.05.2017 - Editorial board

Rencontre avec L’Andro Gynette

Une tatoueuse - ou plutôt dermographiste - qui sort du commun. Nous avons pu la rencontrer à l’occasion d’une interview exclusive. Dès l’âge de 17 ans, cette artiste développe une passion pour le tatouage. Mais d’où lui vient cette passion? Quel est le style qu’elle adopte? Explications...

10.05.2017 - Editorial board

"I like the personality of the Belgians. They're deeply eccentric, which is something that comes across in their design - terrific." Miranda Richardson


ECCE Cycles sur Belgian Boutique

08.05.2017 - Editorial board

"Belgium is an ideal country for developing new ideas"

Belgium and Brazil. Some people dream of bringing them together… on a football pitch. Davide Parrilli unites them through the furniture and objects that he produces. They are brought together in a collection presented for ars fabricandi, which is the name of the young brand that he founded.

05.05.2017 - Editorial board

Exposition d’ouverture « OCCUPATION : DESIGNER Brussels Vision on Design » 21.04 > 20.08

Le vendredi 21 avril 2017, MAD - Brussels Fashion and Design Platform - a inauguré son nouveau bâtiment lors d’un week-end festif, présentant pour l’occasion sa première exposition in situ « OCCUPATION : DESIGNER, Brussels vision on design », dont les curateurs sont DAMNation.

03.05.2017 - Rachele

De l’histoire, de l’art et des fleurs

Au détour d’une promenade, au coin d’une rue, dans les parques ou au milieu d’un rond-point les statues trônent un peu partout dans la capitale sans que personne n’y prête attention, sauf Geoffroy Mottart...

01.05.2017 - Rachele

#UCWHY - We could see why.

Yesterday we had the chance to meet with Anne Chapelle, founder and CEO of BVBA 32, the parent company of fashion labels Haider Ackermann and Ann Demeulemeester. Anne invited us to celebrate the launch of her first UCWHY collection.

28.04.2017 - Rachele

Kunstenfestivaldesarts, what?

Yes, that’s right! The Kunstenfestivaldesarts has recently launched the program for its 22nd edition.

28.04.2017 - Rachele